Lachlan’s Can. Do. Story

Lachlan is a high school student who loves nothing more than trying his hand at new skills. From woodwork to art, cooking to sport, he’s always willing to get involved and put in the hard work. Lachlan is also passionate about history and seeing how the world has changed and evolved over the years.

With his high school journey coming to an end, Lachlan is looking at future career opportunities and preparing himself for life in the workforce. He can’t wait to be more independent, whilst having a career that allows him to follow his dreams.

There is so much Lachlan can do in the future, and he’s not letting anything hold him back – including his learning disability. Though it may sometimes get in the way, it never stops him from going after the things he wants, and achieving his goals.

To find out more about Lachlan’s Can. Do. story, watch his video.

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